FRAGILE Shipping Label- Digital Download 4 Colors

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I created this printable for those who want a cute FRAGILE warning on their packages. 

This is not a physical product. This is a PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD for you to print at home. 

You will receive an email containing the downloadable PDF file with 5 pages in total. You will have one page with all four colors: 2 purple, 2 orange, 2 blue & 2 pink. Equaling 8 labels on one sheet.

Then there will be 4 remaining pages containing 8 labels of each individual color. 

Feel free to print this as many times as you would like. 

I recommend buying blank label sheets in 8.5x11 to print these on to, so you just have to put them on your package like a sticker. You could also print them on normal paper and simply tape them to your packages.

I hope you enjoy!