My Jewelry Organizer & Polymer Clay Earring Collection

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How I Organize My Earrings

Video review at the end. :)

Hey all! Since starting my Instagram page @clayinsights back in January, my obsession with and collection of clay earrings has grown like crazy. I love my collection and want to share it with you! 

I didn't have a good place to store all the earrings so they were kinda just sitting on a shelf in my closet. Boring. I wanted a way to display them, not hide them.

After stumbling upon a page on Instagram that was selling jewelry organizers, I knew I had to try it. 

Now my earrings are displayed beautifully on my makeup vanity. 

Check it out: 

So now instead of hiding in my closet, my earrings are beautifully displaced on my makeup vanity. So cute!

You can find the organizer on Amazon HERE

They are also on Instagram HERE

Watch my YouTube video for my review on the All Hung Up Organizer
Here is a list of all the designers that I have in my clay earring collection, you can find them all on Instagram:





@cozy.clay x @bohoandbark








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